My Dad always told me I could do anything I wanted. He encouraged me and made me feel like the world was mine to conquer.
Thank You for all of your amazing support from literally all over the world. To everyone who gave, prayed, sent cards, foods, or just had us in your thoughts...Your LOVE has been overwhelming and more comforting than you will ever know.
I love you Dad. I'll miss you. I already do.
- Jaymes

AUGUST 15, 1945 - MARCH 7, 2013

All the money raised here will go towards medical expenses, living expenses, bill payments, food, taxes imposed on donations, etc accumulated during my Dad's battle with cancer.
Unfortunately the United States Government WILL NOT grant non-profit status to a "charity" accepting donations on behalf of one specific beneficiary so please be aware that you are donating to The Vaughan Family and not to a charity. Donations WILL NOT be tax deductible and instead are an act of love and compassion with NO tax benefits. I'm very sorry.

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